Saturday, April 16, 2016

3D printer makes you beautiful after death

3D printing is one of the most promising technologies in recent years. It enables you to create almost everything with very low cost. If you have a complete blueprint, you can copy even complex objects such as firearms perfectly.

A Chinese company made use of 3D printer in the funeral business. Longhua funeral home, a funeral parlor in Shanghai, is offering some body parts of the deceased, to restore missing parts, or even remake them with better appearance.

Global Post: A Chinese funeral parlor is using 3-D printing to help the dead look their best

The company said that it is a sad experience for the relatives to see the dead person's damaged body at the funeral. Artificial limbs are available, but it seriously costs. Creating body parts with a 3D printer is much cheaper.

Concerning usability of 3D printed objects, their vulnerability is sometimes issued. Creating a gun with a 3D printer is unfeasible at present regardless of legal issues. In the funeral, mock body parts do not need so much toughness. Therefore, 3D printing is fitting to such an opportunity.

China has the largest population in the world. It means that the largest number of funeral will be held. Some Chinese are eager to dress their relatives so that they can gain respect from others. I think this business will be successful.

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