Friday, April 29, 2016

My dreams (2)

My dreams (1)

A half year before, I described some of my dreams. There was a list composed of 43 desires, and I introduced only 10 of them. The remaining items are:

(11) Create an herbal garden.
This issue was mentioned again and again. But my laziness is preventing me to begin considering the way.

(12) Perform a pudding party at home.
I like sweet pudding, and it is easy to make at home. Some day, I will create a gigantic pudding to share it with my friends. Unfortunately, pudding is callory-rich. So, many ladies are hesitating.

(13) Employ a maid.
This is a difficult dream. Employing an administrative assistant is also expensive. This dream should be considered as combined with No. (10), purchase a castle.

(14) Gain a crystal statue of a naked woman.
I sought several times for a nice statue. However, I have not found one which is suitable for my home.

(15) Gain a bed with a canopy.
It is also difficult. My bedroom is too narrow to set a king-size bed.

(16) Become a professor.
Actually, I became a research associate professor this month. But it is far different from a professor in chief.

(17) Own an exclusive laboratory.
And I gained my room widened compared to the last year. But it is shared with my colleague.

(18) Write a textbook.
I translated a couple of textbooks last year. And I wrote a textbook partially some years ago. However, my desire is to describe my ideas entirely on my own.

(19) Cure 10,000 patients.
Approximately 3,000 patients I have concerned so far. It is a long way to reach 10,000.

(20) Redefine depressive illness.
Depression is a very confusing concept. It is no doubt that it is a particular disease. On the other hand, most people feel depressed in their life. We cannot identify patients with a serious need for aid. Medication and psychotherapy are both effective to treat them, but not adequate.

And so on, I will write them another day. My journey is continuing.

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