Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Cherry blossoms in Japan

Cherry blossoms are one of the symbols in Japan. It is bloomed early April. The pinkish flowers were so cute that many Japanese are fond of enjoying "Hanami," sitting under the trees to see the cherry blossoms.

On late March, the cherry became to bloom gradually. In this year, it was so cold that the beginning of blooming was a little delayed.

And last weekend, they became full blossom.

I visited Ueno Koen, a popular spot of Hanami in Tokyo. It was crowded. Cherry blossoms were very beautiful.

Yesterday, trees on the sides of the road to the hospital also became full blossom.

Cherry blossoms are very quick to scatter. They survive for only a few days. It is difficult to see cherry blossoms under the best condition. This year, it was cloudy in these days. If it had been sunny, I would have been happier to enjoy the cherry blossom. However, the vulnerability is also a charm of cherry blossoms.

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