Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The way to find best apps

Nowadays, there are many mobile applications for business use. You can choose your favorite apps to fit your demand. Most of them are free or for a low cost.

However, how do you select some apps in astronomical candidates? A basic way is to obey the qualification of the provider. Apple’s App Store and Google Play disclose the mark each app has gained from the users. Apps with higher score seem to be superior in usability and effectiveness. Even though there are some fake reviewers, this standard is trustworthy to some extent.

As a more sophisticated evaluation, some journals and organizations give a judge to each app. The evaluators are professional, so their assessment is likely to be precise. On the other hand, such review is not free from prejudice of each professional writer.

Therefore, the idea that these two methods should be combined is quite natural. Applause, an app quality company, produced a report in which 130 famous business apps were evaluated based on more than 1,000 reviews. Applause’s analytic platform scored each app for 0-100. The average score of all 130 apps was 61.

ITProPottal: The best mobile apps for business users

According to this report, the best communication application is Duolingo. It is a translator, and it provides you an opportunity to learn a foreign language. You are requested to translate some sentences in this app. As proceeding the direction, you will gain a habitual learning. In addition, some tasks users accomplished are to be adopted in actual works. Thus, you can contribute to translation, leading to aid for foreigners, without being conscious of it. The other day, I used it for a couple of days. It was interesting.


About forecasting apps, Yahoo Weather got the prize. ColorNote was the best organizing app, though there were only a few reviews provided in Apple App Store.

I think this report is well structured. Nonetheless, it is risky to rely on these results. It is not sure the best app for everyone is the best for you. Especially, there is a broad discrepancy in the usefulness of each app between countries.

For example, 360 security was deemed as the best security software in this report. Its performance with regard of detecting viruses seems excellent. But, it is said it makes some annoying advertisement in a Japanese environment.

Line is also a popular app in Japan. I do not think its performance is inferior to Viber or WhatsApp. But its score was only 46.5, maybe Line is not so common in Western countries. The performance of messenger apps highly depends on the amount of users around you.

After all, such reports are partially beneficial, but not decisive. I recommend you to use them for discovering apps you have not used yet. A series of the review will offer you a chance to meet new apps you have not known. The final judgment is yours.

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