Wednesday, April 27, 2016

New Macbook 2016

All at sudden, a new type of Macbook was begun to be on sale.

(This image is not a Macbook 2016 model.)

I had seriously considered to but the Macbook in 2015. But I was too coward to buy this evolutional gadget.

The new Macbook shares the basic structure with the original one. It equips only one USB type-C port. You can charge the Macbook through this port. It means you cannot project the display to another monitor via a cable during charging it. Several legacy ports were omitted in Macbook. This policy made it cool and stylish.

My past entry: Too thin new Mac Book with Retina Display

In the new Macbook, basic performance was improved. The battery life was prolonged. The graphic power was enhanced by 25%, according to the official comments. In addition,  I guess several problems regarding software have been fixed in the new Macbook.

Therefore, I wonder if I should get one now. Actually, I gained a new note PC for business recently. But it is a little outdated. If I buy the Macbook, I will use it for a couple of years. However, It is unsure Macbook is suitable to business use. In Japan, many projectors equip only a D-sub 15 pins connector. Wireless monitoring is seldom adopted. Thus, I have to carry the converter for Macbook.

To be honest, I wanted to buy the new Mac Book Air with a retina display. But it will be released later. I have to consider how to do.

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