Sunday, April 24, 2016

Analog game event at Hongo

Yesterday, I went to Tokyo to attend an analog game convention. It was held at Hongo, between Tokyo Station and Ikebukuro. It took one and a half hours from my home.

I was fond of participating in some game events in London. Most of them were held at a pub. In Japan, we lent a conference hall to hold a similar event because most pubs do not accept such usage.

Instead, some companies provide a convention space recently. I saw some gaming cafe in Tokyo. Several analog games are available there for free. On the other hand, we have to pay the charge for attendance; usually around 10-20  USD.

Yesterday, I enjoyed staying the conference hall. It cost less than 10 USD. Hot tea and some sweets were provided. The room was clean and comfortable. Some people than gamers were using the space for another purpose.

I played CARO for the first time. It was an abstract game using square tiles. You can place one tile in each to get the bonus following the layout. The rule is extremely simple, making the play serious. Once you make a mistake, the player after you will win.

Also, I played "Tzolk'in: The Mayan Callender." Its theme is ancient Mayan civilization. In this game, you play 26 turns each of which matches ten days according to Mayan calendar. The basis of Tzolk'in is worker placement. Whether you withdraw the worker to get the fruit or stay for a bigger gain in the future is the core of judgment in each turn.

I played it on the internet once, but I hardly understood the rule. Yesterday, all of the four players including me were beginners. Fortunately, I have won the game.

Tzolk'in is an excellent game I think, but it takes more than two hours if the players are beginners.

Besides them, I played some games, to spend several hours there. A fantastic time. Thank you for playing.

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