Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Restaurant for nudists in London

I enjoyed staying in London for a year. One of its fascination was that it accepts a variety of ideologies. Vegans, LGBTs, and even kinky people were accepted. And now, Londoners who want to have a meal without wearing clothes will be satisfied soon.

The Bunyadi, planned to be open in this June, is a restaurant for naturalists. Its concept is to eat as purely as possible. Thus, guests can eat meals without additives, phone call, electricity, and clothes.

Huffpost Lifestyle: Naked Restaurant Set To Open In London, 9,000 People Join Waiting List

Guests will take off anything before entering the dining room. It is aimed at the pure experience of eating not being interfered by artificial stimuli. Being naked will be optional, and clothed section is also available. Each guest's body is hidden from other couples with a partition.

What an odd restaurant! Amazingly, it is reported that there are more than 4,000 guests reserved a seat. The owner seems confident to offer the guests Pangaea-like experience for 60 GBP.

The Telegraph: Would you dine at London's first naked restaurant?

I understand the concept of Bunyadi, a Hindi term meaning fundamental. However, I do not think there are so many naturalists or nudists in London. Maybe, most of the persons made a reservation are simply curious so that they are willing to try such an extraordinary service.

And it is crucial how entirely the privacy of the guests are protected. If the identification of the guests is leaked, it will be disgraceful more seriously than in the case of a sex shop.

I myself is not a naturalist. Even I feel comfortable when naked. But, I dare not to try Bunyadi-style, because the hot sauce will scatter on your bare breast.

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