Saturday, December 12, 2015

Trump leaves from Republican to ban Muslims?

Donald Trump may be going to leave Republican Party.

He has been the first candidate of Republican Party in the US Presidential campaign. He was popular, even infamous as his aggressive attitude. Recently, he claimed that all Muslims should be banned from entering the US. His statement was broadly criticized, being deemed as a racist’s one. After that, he suggested being going to leave from Republican Party.

Independent: Donald Trump threatens to leave Republican Party amid global outrage over call to 'ban Muslims from US'

It is not for the first time that Trump’s exit is suggested. He has made extreme opinions repeatedly so far. Each time he was attacked by criticism, some people expected him to leave from Republican Party, or to be dismissed from the candidates by the Party. However, his leaving will cause serious damage to Republican Party, as most of his voters would follow him instead of other candidates. It will only be an aid for opposing Democrat Party. Therefore, Republican Party is hesitating to exclude him.

It is interesting that Trump seems to believe in his ideas seriously. Objectively, his opinions look ridiculous. He referred a foreign policy conducted by Franklin Roosevelt in 1941. But it was over a half century ago. Now, banning all Muslims from entering the US is far from realistic, let alone the ethical issue. His other statements are also unfeasible.

My past entry: Donald Trump aiming at President

For performing a balanced and constructive discussion, proposing an extreme opinion is somehow valuable. I do not think that Trump’s ideas are meaningless at all. Indeed, not a few people will be happy if his policies are realized. However, his dream is still fantastic, and problematic in ethical and political point of view. I understand the need of Trump as a politician. At the same time, it is an extraordinary situation that Trump is the first candidate of Republican Party.

Anyway, the Presidential race is approaching the turning point. I prospect Trump will leave from Republican Party, and the next President will be Clinton.


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