Saturday, December 19, 2015

The complex harm of alcohol

Alcohol is one of the most controversial substances in the history of human. Since the ancient era, it has been deemed as a gift of the gods. On the other hand, it was sometimes hated by authorities because of its effect on human mind.

Whether taking alcohol is beneficial or harmful is also frequently discussed. There is evidence suggesting that people taking a small amount of alcohol regularly live longer than those never taking alcohol. However, it seems that alcohol is basically poisonous on human body and mind.

The adverse effects of alcohol is widely reported. It damages your liver, heart, and brain. Excessive taking of alcohol is occasionally fatal. Besides the acute intoxication, chronic use of alcohol can cause irreversible damage on your health.

The Telegraph: What alcohol does to your body after the age of 40

This article referred above emphasize the increased risk of taking alcohol among aged people. It is true, in my opinion. The ability to neutralize alcohol is gradually declining as you are aging. One day, you will be not able to feel happy while drinking without a hangover. At this time, you can no more enjoy drinking. If you do not realize it, you should be dependent on alcohol.

It is noteworthy that many patients with alcohol dependence have clinical depression. They are willing to drink for reducing their depressive thought and forgetting the guiltiness and hopelessness for a while. Alcohol works like as antidepressant. But its effect is only limited and temporal. As a result, they become not able to quit alcohol.

As not mentioned in the article above, alcohol brings you dementia. Korsakoff's syndrome is frequently seen in the patients having been exposed to alcohol for a long time. They show serious memory lapse and cognitive impairment. As they cannot recognize their own symptoms, confabulation is typically observed. Korsakoff's syndrome is difficult to be cured. The prevention of the onset is crucial.

I cannot drink at all. So, I do not understand the happiness of drunkenness. Whereas admitting some benefits of taking alcohol, I recommend you to set a limit of drinking, to keep temperate drinking activity, not to destroy your future.

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