Thursday, December 3, 2015

Cheap prostitute in Greece, study found

Prostitution is considered as one of the oldest occupation. In spite of the moral conflict and societal discrimination, it has still been alive in the modern society.

Recently, a shocking report was released about the price of sex. According to a survey conducted by Gregory Laxos at Panteion University, some women in Greece offer a half-hour sex session for only two euros.

Hindustan Times: Greek girls selling sex for the price of a sandwich: Study

In Greece, Eastern Europeans were dominant in the sex industry, previously. But they were replaced by Greek girls recently. They seem not to request much money for having sex. And providers of cheapest sex is rising.

It is an unbelievable result. I could not find the original research paper. The Times seems to have introduced the content of the study for the first time.

The Times: Greek students sell sex for food

Greece is suffering from the long-lasting recession. Job rate is still low, and there are many young women seeking a permanent occupation. It is not irrational that some of these women are asking for money for their body. Nonetheless, some euros is not suitable for half-an-hour of sexual relationship with a stranger.

Greek Reporter: Author of Study on Greek Female Sex Workers Denies Cheese-Pie

In Japan, prostitution by young women is also a big problem. However, I think these women are categorized into two groups. On one hand, not a few girls feel solitary. They want a connection with others, even if it is a sexual relationship. They tend to offer sex for a low price. On the other hand, some women have to make money quickly for their own life. They calculate the amount of money to be needed.

The Greek cases are different from Japan’s. I am afraid the issue of poverty and joblessness is so serious in Greece. Anyway, I cannot believe this result.

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