Sunday, December 6, 2015

"The Archangel and the Song of Doom," A fascinating TRPG session

Today, I did a TRPG session in Tokyo.

TRPG, or Table-talk Role Playing Game is a type of party games. In the session, you play a character you created, and live with other characters in the world the Game Master (GM) provided. The GM create a scenario in which some fields, towns, dungeons, and friends and foes. The players, collaborating with the GM, occasionally competitive with the creatures the GM controls, pursue the principal goal in the scenario.

I have had TRPG as my favorite hobby since childhood. But recently, I seldom have an opportunity to take the seat on TRPG because it takes a long time for both playing and preparing for the scenario.

My past entry: Table-talk RPG, my favorite

Indeed, I revised a scenario I wrote a couple of decades ago. It took some years. Woo! The title of the scenario is "The Archangel and the Song of Doom."

As a result of today's play, I was completely satisfied. There were four players participated in the session. They were very kind, and showed great playing. There are a few flaws in my scenario suggested by the players. Even considering them, all looked delighted, fortunately.

The very best benefit of TRPG is that all participants can become the winner. I was rewarded to have seen the smiles of the players. Many thanks for the players, and the time shared with all.

Someday, I want to publish the scenario. And then, it will be translated into English. It is my dream.


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