Saturday, December 5, 2015

A suicide case of a girl with electro-hypersensitivity

Sad news. An Oxfordshire schoolgirl seemed to have taken her own life.

Interesting is the reason for the suicide. She was suffering from electro-hypersensitivity, so-called Wi-Fi allergy. She felt ill when she stayed near to an electromagnetic wave. Her parents amended the home situation to be free from Wi-Fi, understanding her complaint. But the school could not do so.

International Business Times: Teenage girl who was 'allergic' to WiFi took her own life in a cry for help over rare condition

An electromagnetic wave has a potential to harm the human body. But its dangerousness depends on the magnitude. Staying near to high-voltage radio tower for a long time is not encouraged. Of course, all modern devices which make the wave meet the safety standard. Previously, some cellphones were suspected to interfere the function of an electronic heart pacemaker. But nowadays, it has been proven that such a risk is minimal.

However, it is likely that a few people are too vulnerable to the electromagnetic wave. The modern life is surrounded by an electromagnetic wave. We can no more stand without the benefit of electronic devices. I imagine the agony of the patients.

Fortunately, electro-hypersensitivity is extremely rare. And, there are more patients who describe themselves as so, but really not. I saw some patients feeling sensitive to the wave, but none of them were finally diagnosed as electro-hypersensitivity. Some patients have a delusion in which they are harmed by the electromagnetic wave. They are treated as a patient with delusional disorder.

Following these situations, many physicians are skeptical about the existence of electro-hypersensitivity. Indeed, I did not believe this disease a decade ago. But recent findings suggest that there are actual patients being harmed by the usual level of the electromagnetic wave.

According to this article, it is unsure the poor girl had really electro-hypersensitivity. The amount of, and the dependency upon, electricity is rapidly increasing in the current situation. According to the theory of allergic reaction, the more frequently we expose a substance, the more likely allergy to the substance is induced. We have to be aware of the pros as well as cons of the electricity. Pray for the girl.

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