Monday, December 21, 2015

Norway gives Halti to Finland?

Some Norwegians seem to be considering a lovely gift to its neighbor.

Bjorn Geirr Harsson, a retired employee of the Norwegian Mapping Authority, launched a social media site for discussing the border between Norway and Finland. They are not claiming the strengthened watching, nor the historical evidence of having owned larger land. Their intention is to give a mountain to Finland.

Independent: Norway wants to move its border 20 metres left – so it can give Finland a mountain

According to them, the border line between Norway and Finland needs to be shifted by only 20 meters, for the Halti to belong to Finland. If the amendment is realized, Halti will be the tallest place in Finland, whereas Norway has several peaks other than it. A mountain is not valuable in itself. But potentially many Finlander would be fond of walking on the mountain, leading to a rise of sight-seeing services.

Campaigners intend to give the mountain as a celebration of Finland for the 100th anniversary of the independence in 2017.

This suggestion sounds fantastic, in double meaning: splendid and unfeasible. Indeed, the value of Halti differs among the both countries. Thus, it can be subjected to trade. If it is implemented, it will strengthen the bond between both countries and will be a strong message to people being afraid of the terror of crimes by immigrants. This deal is beneficial for the both countries not only economically but also politically.

However, many people may hesitate to give the land to other states. Land, even if being useless, is a symbol of each nation. In addition, amendment of the borderline costs lots of money and time. I think the it is unlikely that the Norwegian government will take this idea into consideration, unfortunately.

Japan is surrounded by the sea. It makes Japan a stable and unique nation. I had never imagined the idea to give a land to a neighbor. Cool idea!

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