Saturday, December 26, 2015

The end of Christmas in Brunei

Christmas has been terminated, at least in Brunei.

The Sultan of Brunei introduced the ban on Christmas last year. Since this year, anyone celebrated Christmas publicly could face up to five years’ incarceration.

Independent: Brunei bans Christmas: Sultan warns those celebrating could face up to five years in jail

Most people in Brunel are Muslims. So, the government do not like to let citizens celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Christians are allowed to celebrate Christmas privately, but have to alert the authorities in advance.

In Japan, some people, mainly who have no partner, report “the notification of the end of Christmas” as a joke, because Christmas is deemed as a day to make love with the sweetheart. It is rather funny that most Japanese who are not a Christian celebrate Christmas. In contrast. The government of Brunei looks serious.

Muslims adhere strict religious commandments. It is understandable Muslims dislike Christmas. But, I wonder that the prohibition of celebrating Christmas is necessary to maintain Brunei.

In the 17th century, Japan government banned Christianity, fearing that its ideation of equality would oppose the hierarchical society of Japan. The banning had been continued for a couple of centuries. As a result, Japan was delayed in the development of modern industry.

Every thought has more or less exclusiveness. However, excluding too many things will lead to the decline.

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