Monday, December 7, 2015

Metformin may be a panacea, true?

Immortality is the ultimate dream of human being. It seems ridiculous, but some researchers are serious to pursue the way of the eternal life. Recently, one possibility attracts great attention. It is not a panacea, but a traditional anti-diabetic drug.

Metformin was seen in the scientific literature in 1992 for the first time. It is categorized to biguanide class of anti-diabetic drugs. Its effect of reducing the blood glucose level is strong, but for the risk of causing lactate acidosis, the prescription should be cautiously done.

Recent news suggests that metformin has an effect of prolonging the life in the mice experiments. Furthermore, it may delay the progression of several diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease. These facts indicate that metformin includes a substance to prevent the body from aging.

There are similar rumors all around the world. However, something is different at this time. The Food and Drug Administration in the US approved the implementation of clinical research to prove the effect of metformin to boost longevity.

The actual efficacy has yet to be examined. There is limited evidence whether metformin is an elixir. But if the outcome of sophisticated studies is positive, it will be a great impact.

The reason is not its amazing effect, but its inexpensiveness. Metformin’s price is around only ten cents per tablet. You can easily continue to take it for a decade for low cost, as far as your doctor approves it. Note it, there are some fatal adverse effects in metformin. I never recommend you to get it in an illegal way. However, I am afraid some doctors will be willing to sell the tablets in the black market in the future.

For a while, we should be aware of the actual value of metformin. Even if the result is disappointing, we will learn something about it from the studies.

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