Friday, December 25, 2015

George Osborne on the Star Wars credit

George Osborne, the Chancellor of the Exchequer of the UK, was credited in “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.”

Independent: Star Wars: George Osborne criticised after being given The Force Awakens credit

Star Wars series is world famous films originated by George Lucas describing a Sci-Fi epic history of the galaxy. The series was terminated coincided with the release of the sixth film “The Revenge of Sith.” But, Walt Disney bought the right of production from Lucas, and the seventh episode came into launch recently.

I have not seen it, but have already bought a preserved ticket. I am not an exception of the people expecting the quality of this film.

Star Wars fans seemed to be surprised to find the name of Osborne in the end credits of the film. Indeed, Osborne committed 25m GBP of taxpayers’ money to support the film. It looks a great contribution. However, it is unusual that a politician’s name is credited. The name of Ed Vaizey, the minister for culture and the digital economy also appeared on the screen.

It is unsure whether they asked Disney to include their names on the credit. Osborne is well known as an enthusiastic fan of Star Wars.

In my opinion, it is not inappropriate for the publisher to list the name of politicians on the credit. The choice of the producer and relevant persons should be respected. On the other hand, the politician whose name was credited can be suspected to have committed some improper acts in the work, such as giving facilities with unlawful ways. Politicians should be fair to everyone. It seems very annoying that biased decision was suggested. If I were a politician, I would request the producer not to list my name as a contributor.

Some audiences booed the name of Osborne on the screen. Albeit he did contribute to the film, he is deemed as a dreadful cost cutter. I sympathize him.

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