Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Netflix's socks watch you asleep

Watching movies at home is fun, but sometimes exhausting. You may have an experience of falling asleep during the movie. You have to roll back the movie to the scene you missed. Searching the scene is often annoying. But, a couple of socks will resolve it.

Netflix, an Internet movie provider, developed a pair of socks which can sense your status. When you fall asleep, the movie will stop in line with the sensor attached on the socks.

International Business Times: These Netflix socks pause the TV when you fall asleep: How to make your own

Internet movie services such as Netflix, as well as Hulu, offer unlimited series of movies for a fixed monthly cost. Many users keep the service streaming the movie. So, you are more likely to fall asleep while using a streaming service, compared to watching a single blue-ray movie.

The socks trace the movement of your legs. Instead of stopping streaming, the socks can also be a trigger to tune the volume of the movie up, so that you hardly fall asleep.

Firstly I saw the news, I guessed it was a hoax. However, Netflix looks serious.

These socks are a kind of wearable devices. I had imagined that such devices had multiple functions like iWatch. But simple tools have particular advantages. They are unlikely to be broken. Malfunction of the device could be troublesome. You would feel annoyed when the movie suddenly stopped while watching.

On the other hand, there is a more cool way to check the audience’s attention. A webcam can trace your eyes’ movement. If you close your eyes, the webcam can identify that you felt asleep. Samsung’s Galaxy S series had equipped the function with which the display keeps working as far as you look at the display. A similar function will be introduced to the television, soon.

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