Saturday, June 20, 2015

Toilet competition for Tokyo Olympic

In Japan, a strange design competition will be held. It regards the toilet.

International Business Times: Japan toilet design contest ahead of 2022 Tokyo Olympics to make women and foreigners more comfortable

Japan is one of the most blessed countries in using a toilet comfortably. Many toilets equip the hip washer so that you can keep your bottom clean. Additionally, the seat is kept warm in some toilets. It is very helpful for persons with sensitive skin or in the status of diarrhea. I remember some toilets in the station were dirty in my childhood, but the circumstance has been changed.

The development originate from the desire for cleanness of Japanese. Also in the UK, comfortable toilet use is focused recently.

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However, there are not many public toilets in the city in Japan, except the stations and the airports. In the time of earthquake and tsunami disaster in 2011, many people were struggling to seek a toilet, being forced to wait a long time to return home. There are many convenience stores in Japan, but some of them hesitated to let you use the toilet. Nowadays, they are willing.

For this reason, some people worry about the shortage of the toilets in the Olympic planned in Tokyo in 2020. This competition also aims at the settlement of more toilets in the urban area.

In the UK, I can use a toilet in many restaurants. But the usability is inferior to a Japanese one. The flushing power is so weak that I sometimes need to try it again.

In my opinion, toilets in Italy is the worst in Europe. They seldom equip the seat. I have heard about some terrible toilets in China and Russia, but have not experienced yet. As far as in the airport, they were normal.

I think it is a cool activity, but I could not find the website of advertisement of this competition in Japanese, unfortunately. I am afraid few people will participate in this competition.

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