Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Birmingham for the first time

Today, I visited Birmingham for the first time to attend an academic conference. It took around two hours by train from London. A little journey.

Birmingham New Street station looked modern.

On the other hand, there were several places under construction.

It looked dirty, in my impression at a glance.

I lost my way to the building of the conference. Firstly, I misunderstood as if the conference center had been destroyed.

In front of the building, some people protested that psychiatry was harmful to patients. Police officers watched them. Indeed, there may be some psychiatrists who are abusing patients, and not a few people are suffering from adverse effects of medicine, not limited to psychotropic drugs. However, if there were no psychiatry, more people would suffer from mental disorders. I feel their claim is too dichotomous.

The conference hall was so big and solemn. Surprisingly, some halls were full of audience.

I submitted an e-poster presentation. Since there were hundreds of submission there, very few people watched my research, unfortunately.

I ate the lunch at Jimmy's Spices, an oriental buffet restaurant. Several sorts of food were available as much as you can eat. I was satisfied, although Japanese food was not served.

Good experience as an academic activity. The conference will last until Friday.

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