Sunday, June 21, 2015

London West End Live

Today, I visited Trafalgar Square to see the West End Live.

West End Live

It is an open event funded by MasterCard. You can see several songs of concurrent musicals for free. It is held for two days, today and tomorrow.

As I estimated, it was extremely crowded in front of the stage. So, I could hardly see the stage directly.

Fortunately, there was a big digital monitor equipped on the side of the stage. I enjoyed the vision with real sound from the stage.

Several famous works were contained in the program, such as "The Phantom of the Opera," "Charley and the Chocolate Factory," and "Les Miserable." It is guessed that the promoter expected the audience fascinated to buy the tickets for each musical.

Elphaba, the heroine of "Wicked" appeared on the roof of the building next to the stage.

"Music of the Night" and "Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again" were selected from "the Phantom of the Opera." I wonder why "the Phantom of the Opera" was not sung.

In "Les Miserable," many actors attended on the stage. Unfortunately, I did not take the photo on time.

I left there early afternoon, just it began misty rainy. I was so satisfied.

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