Thursday, June 18, 2015

Environment of mobile network in the UK

Before coming to the UK, I heard that European countries equip good mobile network so that you need not seek the hot spot. But it was false.

Global Wireless Solutions released a result of a survey about wireless connectivity in homes across the UK. According to this report, average 40 per cent of UK citizens have a mobile blackspot in their home.

ITProPortal: Nearly half the country has a mobile blackspot somewhere in their home

Actually, I often fail to receive the phone call in my flat. This report suggests the worst place to connect is the kitchen. But in my case, everywhere is grayspot. I have a contract with Giffgaff, an MVNO provider using O2. Although O2 is considered to be the most liable carrier, I encounter a trouble occasionally. In the hospital I visited frequently, the weak connection annoyed me.

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This study is about a mobile network of the cellphone. But, I feel WiFi network has a similar situation. In my flat, I cannot connect to the internet in my bedroom, because the router is set on the other side of the flat. Yet, this kind of distance would cause no trouble in Japan.

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I think that one of the reasons of weak connection due to the structure of each house. In the UK, there are many old buildings made from stone. The wall is so thick that the electric wave cannot penetrate it. Also, it is difficult to make some arrangement to improve the environment in the house.

Japan and some Asian countries have been modernized after the WWII. In Japan, there are very few traditional houses made from wood partially for their vulnerability. Modern buildings equip good electric connectivity. Therefore, the circumstance is much better in Japan.

Regarding WiFi connection in public spaces, I feel there is more chance to use a free WiFi spot in the UK than in Japan. But their performance is inferior. Even in the college, I experience some troubles in connecting the internet.

Developing countries face more extreme situation. Wireless internet is introduced gradually in there, without the process of the introduction of wired one. Google and Facebook are eager to provide the connectivity. Shortly, they can be able to enjoy more comfortable internet connection than in Japan and the UK.

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