Friday, June 12, 2015

Cooking in London (2) Fish

Cooking in London (1) Meats

I feel strange that British people do not eat fish so often. They would say to eat fish frequently, but it is quite unlikely compared to Japanese, although both the two countries are surrounded by ocean.

There are several kinds of fish available at a supermarket. However, most of them taste inferior to those in Japan, unfortunately. They do not eat raw fish in the UK. It may be one of the reasons why fish in the store are not so fresh. Furthermore, fish is rather expensive than meat, as same as in Japan. Therefore, I have scarce opportunity to eat delicious fish in the UK.

There are three kinds of fish common in the UK: Cod, Haddock, and Salmon. Cod and Haddock are quite similar to each other. They are often used to make up Fish and Chips. The taste is fair.

On the other hand, Salmon, especially non-smoked one, is appetizing. They include rich fat. Grilled salmon can be a main dish for dinner.

Tuna is rarely sold in a store. If available, it looked terrible for me to try it. Squid and octopus are sometimes seen. Mussels taste good.

Recently, Omega three fatty acid is considered to be beneficial to health, both in physically and mentally. I often see an advertisement of it on the package of fish portions.

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