Saturday, June 27, 2015

American comics and minorities

Recently, multiracial movement has come to the Marvel Universe. Miles Morales, a son of African American father and a Puerto Rican mother, has been a new Spider-man since 2011 in one of the parallel world of Marvel.

The guardian: Marvel launches mixed race Spider-Man

In Marvel Comics, several writers create stories with the same heroes again and again. Each writer has own touch and taste. It lets readers enjoy their favorite heroes repeatedly.

The basic background and appearance of each hero is shared in general. However, there are some attempts to amend their character such as race or gender. Nowadays, there are also female Thor and Black Captain America.

The Guardian: After female Thor, a black Captain America from Marvel

In the US, racism is still a serious problem. It is reported that the victims of racial discrimination was more than those of terrorism, despite successive presidents has been declaring the battle against terrorism.

The Times of India: More people killed in US by racists than terrorists

Conventionally, there have been some famous black heroes such as Storm in the X-Men. In addition, Marvel is eager to introduce various new characters who belong to minority. Muaaz Khan is the first Muslim heroine in Marvel. In the X-Men series, an wedding of a gay couple was described.

The Guardian: Marvel's newest hero is a Muslim girl. Entertainment industry, take note Muaaz Khan

Marvel Comics Hosts First Gay Wedding in 'Astonishing X-Men'

In the US, gay marriage had been a great controversy. Since the Supreme Court admitted the right to marry a same-sex partner, same-sex marriage was finally legalized in whole the US.

International Business Times: Gay marriage declared legal in all 50 US states

Marvel Comics and DC Comics are popular in the US. They are so symbolic as if they are folklore in the US. I believe that their activity for the equality must influence positively to the mind of American people, especially the youth.

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