Thursday, June 25, 2015

Time lock of buying erotic e-books in Germany

Germany is going to enforce another regulation of porn contents. The new rule prohibits booksellers from selling adult contents between 6am to 10pm.

International Business Times: Germany bans sale of erotic ebooks before 10pm

In Germany, erotic cinemas has been limited in midnight to screen since 2002, for the purpose of protect children from potentially dangerous sexual stimuli. It is decided to apply this regulation also to the internet. Sellers violating the law could be fined.

It looks odd to consider such a rule. Some people present a doubt about it. For example, Nate Hoffelder said that children could easily get adult contents from outside of Germany.

Scottish Legal News: And finally… no pantyhose cravings before 10pm

In my opinion, keeping children at a distance from adult contents is needed to some extent. However, this new rule seems not to be effective at all.

Firstly, going cinema in midnight can be controlled. Most parents prohibit children from going out at midnight. However, monitoring the use of the internet is more difficult than locking the gate. Even if the parental control software is applied, children may try to break the jail.

Secondly, the internet is global. As Hoffelder said, outside of Germany is out of control. In contrast, the bookseller would sue the authority for being violated the right to sell their contents to customers outside of Germany. As a result, this regulation can only damage domestic sellers.

Thirdly, it is more efficacious for protecting children to introduce the certification of the age than the time lock. Sellers need to make a transaction to take the payment. Several means can be utilized at this time to confirm that the buyer is an adult. Rather, enormous free contents on the internet are more annoying in terms of child protection.

After all, I feel this rule is ridiculous. Time limiting is outmoded as a means to restrict the contact. European countries, not limited to Europe, of course, are sometimes so strict to a particular issue that they could develop meaningless rules.

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"Fifty Shades of the Grey" is focused in this issue. But there are many more sensational contents on the internet. I guess the authorities in Germany would faint if they see the Japanese erotic comics. Indeed, I know some lawsuit in European court regarding drawing sensitive pictures.

By the way, I seldom buy erotic contents with Amazon. The reason is that Amazon remembers the all my history. Even if I feel so shameful for buying a silly one, Amazon would recommend me to get similar contents again and again. It is a nightmare.

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