Monday, June 22, 2015

British people want to stay in EU now

Recently, a poll was held by Evening Standard regarding the UK's membership of EU.

As a result, the number of people supporting to stay in EU was higher than those wanting to leave by three times.

London Evening Standard: We want to stay in EU, voters tell PM

David Cameron has promised to conduct a referendum on this issue by 2017. If it were held now, skepticism against EU would be annihilated.

The Independent: Support for Britain staying in the European Union is now higher than it's ever been

Indeed, Cameron is planning to lean toward the referendum to in the next year.

The Independent: EU referendum: David Cameron 'leaning towards holding poll in October 2016'

However, the reason British people love EU is unclear. In a poll held last year, separatists were dominant.

The Guardian: British people favour leaving the European Union, according to poll

I know that such polls are easily warped with biased questions. Nonetheless, the change of proportion of the voters is dramatic. Despite not feeling directly in London, I think British people is quick to change their opinion. It would be relevant to the current high supportive rate of Cameron's Cabinet. On the other hand, it is surprising if the issue of the Greek crisis has not influenced the trust to the EU.

EU legislation does not prepare for the situation in which some countries is exiting from it. If Brixit and Grexit occur successively, EU itself is possible to be going to collapse.

The high supportive rate of staying in EU seems to restrict Cameron in negotiating with EU about the standard of duty of the UK, ironically. Other countries in EU obviously expect the UK to contribute to the maintenance of EU. However, not a few British is opposing accepting immigrants. Balanced sense of policy is needed in the UK government.

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