Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Methanol intoxication case in India, 84 died

Recently, at least 84 people died due to methanol intoxication outside Mumbai.

Los Angeles Times: 84 dead in India after drinking toxic homemade liquor

In this incident, consuming homemade liquor caused a fatal result. Five people were arrested for selling illicit liquor.

This case seems not a mass murder, but is perhaps rather worse considering the background.

Methanol is well known as harmful to the human nervous system. As frequently causing loss of eyesight, it is strictly prohibited to drink. In general, it is only used for industrial aims.

On the other hand, methanol is cheaper than ethanol, ordinary alcohol for a drink, because it is not subjected to the alcohol tax. For this reason, some people are eager to make use the mixture of methanol and ethanol for a drink. Such silly behavior resulted in many tragedies.

In India, over 100 people were killed by drinking methanol in 2011.

Wikipedia: 2011 Sangrampur methanol tragedy

Also in Japan, there were some similar incidents reported till 1950s. Intentional contamination of methanol is not rare in some developing countries even now. The case occurred in Mozambique is possible to be due to the addition of methanol, not Crocodile bile, though being not sure for the absence of following reports.

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I expect the authority to prevent further happening of similar cases. However, I am afraid that some people will continue to deal with such dangerous beverages, in spite of warning, for compensating the poverty.

I do not drink alcohol. You should be cautious in consuming too cheap alcohol beverages.


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