Wednesday, February 25, 2015

You can eat high cholesterol food

The US government is going to amend its guidelines for a healthy diet.

Los Angeles Times: Cholesterol is back on the menu in new federal dietary guidelines

The US is suffering from obesity. As one-third of American people are obese, perhaps leading to the mortality of the citizens and a huge increase of the medical cost, the government is demanded to develop an urgent solution.

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The new guideline is reversing some standards which have been well spread. First of all, you need not be concerned to reduce the intake of cholesterol. According to the newest reports, oral intake of cholesterol has minimal influence on your blood cholesterol level which has a critical impact on your physical health. Strict diet is no more useful to control blood cholesterol level. Instead, in addition to adequate exercise as you know, the guideline recommend you to rely on medication.

Caffeine is a preferable ingredient for you. Surprisingly. You can take 3-5 cups of coffee in a day in order to reduce the risk of diabetes, Parkinson's disease, and even cardiovascular diseases. We have told the patients to avoid taking excessive caffeine not to burden their heart, haven't we?

It occasionally happens that conventional standards are completely overturned by newly results of research, especially in nutritional science. For example, pork had been deemed as relatively poor meat until late 20th century. Nowadays, pork is proven to include rich nutrients such as vitamin B1.

To be honest, I encounter some studies which seems not trustworthy in this region. The effect of diet is difficult to be examined precisely in human, because several factors can be confounding. In addition, there are innumerable persons who insist that they have developed an effective method of a healthy diet, especially aiming at slimming. Some of their theories are far from rational. Nutritional science is still challenging despite its long history.

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