Sunday, February 22, 2015

Cooking in London (1) Meats

London is infamous for bad meals. Even Londoners admit this. One of my colleagues told me with laughing that he was sympathetic to me for my eating London meals.

Actually, there are many good restaurants in London as I wrote previously. I visited "The Five Field" recently. It was one of the supreme restaurants in the world I believe. The chef has visited Japan for learning Japanese cuisine.

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By the way, I usually cook on my own. I am suffering from the high price of the UK. Going to the restaurant is a little luxury for me.

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On the other hand, foodstuffs available in the UK are considerably different to those in Japan. Understanding the difference is essential to make them into delicious meals. In this entry, I will introduce the meals in London.

You can get any kinds of meat in London. Beef, pork, chicken, and lamb are dominant. There are many Halal markets in London in which you can buy good meats except pork with low cost.

Of course, British beef is cheaper than Japanese Beef (Wagyu). It takes 5 BGP per kg at minimum. Unfortunately, it is hard and not fatty. I think its taste is inferior to American beef, needless to say about Wagyu. You have to boil it for a long time to eat. Otherwise, you would face a beef steak very hard to bite off.

In contrast, British pork is good. Shoulder loin is suitable to stew. Rib is fatty and tastes rich. I like pork the best in meats available in London.

Chicken is also good. Some Japanese claim Chicken is the best in London meats. I cooked Char siu from Chicken today, referring a website.

Cheap delicious recipes: The recipe of the most delicious Char siu bowl in the world (in Japanese)

The recipe was easy. All you have to do is to boil Chicken with soy sauce, green onion, and sliced ginger.

I enjoyed the Chicken bowl. Extremely delicious!

FYI, Char siu is usually made from pork. But the author of this blog recommended chicken.

Lam is also sweet. Perhaps, it is less expensive than in Japan. However, it has a strong smell, so you should be cautious in cooking.

In London, you can get turkey easily. Londoners seldom eat turkey except at the Christmas, according to my colleagues. But it is sold every day at a supermarket.

I cooked roasted turkey in last December. Taste not bad, but bothering in cutting.

The most disappointing thing is that thinly sliced meats are not available in London. I cannot eat Yakiniku, Shabu-shabu, or Sukiyaki.

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