Saturday, February 21, 2015

Preparation to be 50 years old

Aging is an inevitable phenomenon for all human being. Though there are enormous tools emphasizing anti-aging effect, none of them can protect us from aging itself.

Since aging is a natural course of the life, it does not deserve to be fearful. A fifty years old man has his own lifestyle, as so 60 years old lady does.

Recently, I read an article about this topic. Some of the contents were interesting. In Japan, there are many books regarding "how to get old." Such books are published one after another, because the majority of the readers are middle aged in Japan. Compared to them, this article has some unique characteristics.

Huff Post: 9 Things You Should Have Done By The Time You're 50

1. Owned a matching set of big fluffy towels.
The top of this list is astonishing. Towels? Aha! That is true. A good towel improves your daily life. I have some my favorite towels in my home. However, towels is rapidly exhausted. Regular replacement is needed. To be afraid, it is possible that your favorite brand will no more exist when you are 50.

2. Burned your candles.
This is hardly understandable. Few Japanese equip candles, while many do not like candles because of the risk of fire. We burn candles only at a birthday party. I have an aroma candle given by my friend. I will burn it in the near future to enjoy the smell. This section may be symbolic that you have to drop old items before you get old.

3. Used your good china regularly.
As a Japanese, I have got some good china already. It is easy to accomplish it.

4. Preserved the photo albums and scrapbooks of your youth.
I do not agree with this. Indeed, they are helpful to remember the past, and to report the past to your descendants. But albums and scrapbooks are space-consuming. In Japan, it is a serious controversy whether such items should be dropped or not in an occasion of restructure.

5. Made peace with the past.
6. Found a best friend who you can call 24/7.
7. Learned how to enjoy things by yourself.
8. Been dazzled by a masterpiece.
9. Made a difference.
They are all rational. Each of them are often described in the books published in Japan. Rather, Japanese tend to be stacked with such spiritual thought.

Ten years have been left for me to be 50. How should I live in the term?

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