Friday, February 6, 2015

Nursery for adults in the UK

There is a strange service opened in Liverpool. In this place, you can be dealt as if you were a baby. The mistress of the institution read a book for you and even changes your nappy. Several items such as baby chairs are also available.

What a strange, and weird business! Actually, they launched this service 14 years ago in Portsmouth, but had to move because of serious protests by neighbors.

Daily Star: Meet the adult babies at a nursery that stocks MAN-SIZED NAPPIES and giant cribs

This kind of services is also seen in Japan. But, most of them are deemed as a sexual services, being regulated by Entertainment Business Act. The owner couples confirm that this service includes no sexual activity. They compare their service to the spa.

Interestingly, most of the customers are under 25 males. They spend 75 GBP for an hour to become a baby. I thought rather middle-aged persons, tiring to care for youths, are fond of this kind of activity than youths.

I do not criticize this service, though I myself would never try it. Diversity of habits is a symbol of maturity of the culture. On the other hand, I am afraid if the owners would be attacked by a customer who misunderstands the concept of the service. Some years ago, a girl working at a store in which she offered ear-picking service was stalked to be killed by a customer. Such risk is higher in this service, because the carer has to see the sensitive area of the customers when changing the nappy.

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