Thursday, February 26, 2015

Anger shortens your life: A research

Your parents may have told you that such a rage does damage on you. It is true, according to a study team in University of Sydney.

In this study, patients hospitalized for the treatment of myocardial infarction were asked if they had experienced some outrageous emotion before the occurrence of the cardiac event. As a result, persons who experienced a strong anger with body tense were proven to be likely to encounter a heart attack within 48 hours by 8.5 times than at a calm state.

Sydney Morning Herald: Extreme anger could trigger a heart attack, researchers find

We often see a scene in a novel or a movie that a man falls due to an acute heart failure immediately after getting angered. This result suggests that such a description is scientifically correct.

However, this result is not the first report showing the adverse effect of anger on the heart. Similar studies were published before, as the authors mentioned in this article. In addition, it is said historically that individuals with "type-A" personality (energetic and aggressive) have been at risk of vascular disease.

Wikipedia: Type A and Type B personality theory

It is unique in this study to have performed a cardiac angiography in all the patients in which some coronary occlusion occurred after the rage. It is not surprising because an intravascular examination and intervention are necessary for such patients to save their lives.

European Heart Journal, Acute Cardiovascular Care: Triggering of acute coronary occlusion by episodes of anger

Furthermore, this study referred the relationship between anxiety and cardiac event. Actually, anxiety was more strongly associated with following cardiac events. The authors remained deliberative to say something about the causal relationship, because it is known that some patients feel anxious before the coronary failure. If the anxiety causes cardiac failure, it might make us more anxious.

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