Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Canadian lawmaker bothered by tight shorts

There was a strange incident in the Canadian parliament.

Pat Martin, a member of House of Commons was demanded to explain why he had left his seat during a vote. The reason he answered was that his underwear was too small.

He explained that he bought a series of briefs for half-price at a Hudson's Bay, a popular apparel commodity franchise in Canada. In the day he wore the brief, but it fitted too much for him, making a pain. So he had to go to the lavatory for a while, saying "leave my seat briefly."

Uncertain whether his joke made the chairman laugh, his leaving seems not blamed anymore. What a pastoral episode. If in Japan, the politician were perhaps criticized harshly by the media for leaving with such a silly condition.

A tight underwear is considered as a cause of internal diseases. The gum of the underwear fastens your waist so hard interfering the movement of the intestine. Some physicians recommend for women not wearing shorts.

In Japan, a very few people equip Fundoshi, a Japanese traditional underwear for men. It is also preferable not to harm your body, according to lovers. I have not tried it yet, but it had been popular in Japanese until the WWII.

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