Friday, February 13, 2015

Multidimensional battle against ISIS

To be regrettable, the threat of ISIS has become stronger.

Recently, a Jordanian pilot and two Japanese hostages were killed. Jordan's King Abdullah declared to revenge for the murdered pilot. He sent the troop to the border with Iraq.

BBC: Islamic State: Jordan's King Abdullah vows 'severe response' to IS

Mail Online: Jordan moves thousands of troops to its border with Iraq to prevent ISIS terror group from entering the country

In the US, President Obama is also considering to authorize the use of ground force. If the bill is passed, President will have a power to control the troop for the first time since the Iraq War.

Obama to seek War Power Bill from Congress, to fight ISIS

The US and Jordan are willing to have a leadership of the war against terrorists. But their military force may not be functional so much, due to the asymmetry of each opponent.

The battle has also begun in another layer. Some countries are eager to stopping young citizens from accompanying to ISIS. While European nations were continuing national propaganda against ISIS, some geeks in Japan uploaded images disgracing ISIS. I guess their motivation was not so serious, but some foreign media approved their activity as a resistance against terrorism.

NBC NEWS: Japanese Twitter Users Mock ISIS With Internet Meme

Meanwhile, Anonymous, a group of computer hackers, stated to begin the battle against ISIS. They are planning to attack the accounts of ISIS members to shut them down.

The Independent: Operation Isis: Anonymous takes down Twitter and Facebook accounts associated with extremist group

Anonymous has no particular organization. Whoever affirmative to them can belong the group. Their ideology is usually liberal. They oppose to censorship and regulation against the freedom of publication. ISIS, which shot the writers of Charlie Hebdo, seems to be deemed as an enemy of Anonymous.

My past entry: Charlie Hebdo shooting case

At a glance, Anonymous looks like a rabble of chaotic geeks. But, I expect that their attack upon ISIS will be effective to some extent. ISIS has grown with continuous utilization of the internet. Social network services helped it to broaden their inclined ideology. The internet enabled them to communicate with foreign members for low cost. In addition, the movies describing the scene of execution of the hostage made a great impact on the world. Terror is one of their resource of power, not only in terms of mentality, but also as a means to gather money.

I cannot predict the future of this conflict. It is true that I never accept such a group to commit homicides with cruel means.


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