Thursday, February 19, 2015

Internet account matter after you die

Have you imagined what will happen on the internet after you died?

This question has not been recognized as a serious matter, because only a quarter century has passed since the internet was born. However, nowadays many elder people utilize the internet. And there are some people unfortunately died at the age less than the internet. We are approaching the point of discussion about this issue.

Social network services had a relatively strict attitude regarding private policy against the relatives of the account holder so far. If you died and your spouse wants to access your account for some reasons, the administrator usually rejects the request. The claimant is difficult to be identified as a successor of the account holder on the internet. In addition, it is estimated that the account holder did not want some information of the cloud to be seen by anyone.

This kind of problem is conflicting unless a clear agreement has been done in advance, quite similar to inheritance matter. But there are almost no legislations to treat the heritages on the internet in most countries because of the youth of the internet.

Recently, Facebook amended its policy, enabling users to direct their successor, called “Facebook heir.” Before this, all account whose holder was proven to be dead had been got frozen eternally.

The Telegraph: Ever wondered what happens to your Facebook account when you died?

Google has already introduced a similar policy of “Inactive Account Manager” since 2013. Yahoo can delete all data of deceases persons based on the contract with the account holder.

Google: Submit a request regarding a deceased user's account

Several years ago, an internet company began a service to deal with this issue. If registered in advance, the company would take a responsibility for the management of the accounts instead of the deceased customers. However, this company soon bankrupted. The registered person wasted the money because of their foresight, ironically. I think this company had a keen eye on this issue. But, of course, it is not guaranteed that an internet insurance company would survive longer than Google, Facebook, and you. As mentioning it, I wrote that life insurance companies were good to take the responsibility for this issue. My opinion has not been changed.

My past entry: Yahoo start a service for dead users

This kind of problem will emerge one after another in the next decade. Everyone will die, but only once. We need more time to learn how to deal with it.

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