Saturday, February 7, 2015

Swatch enter smartwatch competition

Swatch, a developer of modern quartz wristwatch in Swiss, is introducing smartwatch in a few month.

Swatch will be the second competitor of Smartwatch provider as a renowned wristwatch makers. Montblanc launched a smartwatch just on January. Apple Watch will also appear soon. Samsung, Sony, and other companies have already released a smartwatch.

The Guardian: Swatch will launch a new smartwatch within three months

Wristwatch had been paid attention as a gadget suitable to be a wearable computer. It has been widely spread to us, and some men are fond of wearing a mechanically designed wristwatch.

On the other hand, wristwatch is no more functional for some celebrities. They never use a wristwatch to check the time; a personal secretary will do. Wristwatch is deemed as an accessory like a jewelry rather than a tool for them. Considering it, traditional wristwatch companies have dared not to enhance the function of a wristwatch.

However, Apple is aiming at not only geeks but also upper-class people, developing Apple Watch Edition series that are considered to be looked luxury. This decision of Apple seemed to influence in some companies such as Montblanc and Swatch.

I am interested in the next step. Will we see the smartwatch by Rolex? Hardly imaginable.

By the way, Swatch is not an abbreviation of "Swiss Watch", but a contraction of "Second Watch", according to Nichole Lopez.

If this attempt is successful, someone will misunderstand as if Swatch is an abbreviation of smartwatch in the future.


  1. Having a Smartwatch makes your life so comfortable. In fact you can avoid unlocking your Mobile phone to check whether if there are any important messages or calls when you are busy attending a meeting wearing a Smartwatch. You will definitely love wearing a smartwatch on your wrist and receiving notifications to your wrist really makes you feel super cool. What not you can listen to music, record, check call history & messages, monitor your sleep and take some lovely photographs using a Smartwatch.

  2. I am sure Samsung Gear S3 will easily beat all in the competition which is newly launched.