Saturday, February 14, 2015

Alteration of Generations in Smartphone industry

Smartphone is now most frequently used gadget in developed countries. Its annual amount of shipment is superior to PC by three times. In the near future, it will be common in developing countries.

Smartphone providers are crucially struggling with each other. Recently, Xiaomi, a rising company in China is focused on this market. It has gained the domestic share, and is planning to advance to the US.

The Telegraph: Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi steps into US market

The strategy of Xaomi seems to mimic Samsung. It absorbed the technology developed by leading companies, and developed new products with low cost. In general, it is called as "Follower Strategy," a quite ordinary method in business.

Ironically, the products of Xaomi is criticized as resembling iPhone, likely to Samsung. It is highly probable that Xaomi will be involved in the legal battle with Apple.

In contrast, Samsung seems suffering. It is reported that it will retreat from Japan market.

Business Korea: Samsung Considers Withdrawing Smartphone Business from Japan

Just last year, Samsung launched Galaxy Note Edge, a flagship fablet with curved panel in Japan exclusively. Perhaps, the sales have not been successful.

Different from China, Korean companies do not have a domestic market enough to make profits. So, they are seriously concerned to step into a global market. Korean government also desires so. I am afraid that the failure of Samsung will have a negative impact on the economic status of Korea itself.

I have used Galaxy SIII by Samsung for 2 years. It is a good gadget, but recently has some troubles, unclear whether due to the hardware or Android OS. I am wondering to replace it.

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To make a global company is not an easy task. But it is more difficult to let the global company grow continuously. Apple is successful in this challenge, making innovations repeatedly. Yet, the future is hardly predictable.

By the way, there is a rumor that Apple Watch will be launched soon. I guess we ring a call with a wristwatch, not a smartphone, in the future. Then, we will be able to omit an item to be always equipped. However, smartwatch has a disadvantage regarding the shortage of the battery. It will take several years for smartwatch to take over the smartphone.

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