Monday, June 2, 2014

Right to be forgotten

A Spanish man sued Google to make it delete the links to his personal information. He was annoyed that Google search engine directed an article describing his past behavior. The court of justice of the European Union determined that a person had right to be forgotten, to order Google to delete the particular links.

The Guardian: Right to be forgotten: have you ever wanted something deleted from the web?

Corresponding to this sentence, a total of 12,000 applicants asked Google to delete their personal information on the first day that Google accepted this kind of offer. Google has to meet these requests in turns.

Tech Times: Google launches link removal tool: 12,000 people demand right to be forgotten on Day 1 Google inundated with 'right to be forgotten' requests

I guess Google has created its own algorithm to delete a particular information in accordance with the requests. Nonetheless, it is a pressure for Google and other internet companies.

Also in Japan, I have seen a certain web service to clarify several persons who have a relationship with me. According to this, I was deemed to be related to a porn star. Of course it is nonsense. A lawyer sued the administrator of this website for defamation of character.

Most people have a desire to be famous. However, most become infamous actually when being well known. At last, they have to ask for being forgotten. It is a little ironic.

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