Friday, June 20, 2014

Amazon rush into Smartphone

Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon, presented that it would launch a new smartphone soon. It is named Fire Phone, will be released in coming July, equipping 3D like interface and reaching products easily with its camera.

Techradar: Amazon Fire Phone release date, news and features

The latter feature is innovative. Immediately after you catch an item with the camera attached to Fire Phone, a page at which displays the item as a product will appear.

This structure itself is not so revolutionary. Google glass can also provide some information about the items reflected in the view. However, the purpose of Amazon is to guide customers to its own store without any labor.

Therefore, Fire Phone resembles Amazon Kindle. Kindle can be deemed as a catalog of Amazon books rather than an e-book reader. Fire Phone is expanding the region of products extremely.

According to this article, Fire Phone is an insurance for both Amazon and customers to connect the real world with without troubles.

Vox: Amazon's first smartphone, explained

The other days, some analysts said that Amazon would deliver Kindle for free. Unfortunately, it has not been realized. How about Fire Phone? I think that it is more likely to realize free offering in Fire Phone. Indeed, you can get a certain smartphone for free even now, instead you are burdened with a strict contract with a network provider. To broaden Fire Phone is beneficial for both AT&T, the provider of Fire Phone, and Perhaps you get free Fire Phone in somewhere, sometime.


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