Thursday, June 26, 2014

Discussion about eating dog meat in China

An argument has been risen regarding dog meat in China. Some activists are opposed to the Dog Meat Festival in China's southeast Guangxi province.

Eating dog meat is a traditional culture in China. Activists claim that it is uncivilized, whereas dealers say that dog meat was not different from beef.

CNN: Dog meat: 'It's our culture and we won't change'

I never eat dog. Nonetheless, I am on the side of dog eaters. What they are fond of eating should not be blamed.

The Japanese are criticized as eating whales. I hardly understand the thought of protesters. As far as whale is facing to extinction, they have to be protected. However, there is no reason that whale should be distinguished from any other animals. And dogs are the same, I think.

By the way it is interesting that the Chinese are debating this matter. In general, this kind of conflict occurs when different cultures meet each other. However, China is a too big country to be united by one cultural background. Eating dogs is no more common sense for many Chinese.

Chinese media are struggling to calm them down. I guess that the Chinese government intends to extinguish this discussion soon. Letting foreign countries know that there is an ideological dispute in China is disadvantageous for the Chinese government.

CNN: Chinese media call for calm amongst anti-dog meat activists

More or less there are taboos in each culture. Hindu does not eat beef, meanwhile Muslim does not eat pork. We have to accept the cultures and customs of others, otherwise intolerance easily results in a war, as the history has proved.

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