Sunday, June 22, 2014

Home alone

Yesterday, I stayed at home alone all the day.

I spend time with cleaning, cooking, playing games, and doing a couple of work using a PC. There was almost nothing to do yesterday. Indeed, I had to prepare for emergency call, so I could not go out to anywhere far from my home, either watch movies at the cinema.

It was a little boring. I did not feel lonely, however. At night, I cured my tiredness with considerably long time sleep.

Nonetheless, I am wondering if it was a good choice to kill time. Perhaps I had been able to read some English books valuable such as a series of oath I made in the other day. Actually, I was not so much industrious.

Today is also hot and moist. I have something to do in my office. Being busy is not bad, needing not to think about the time and life.

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