Wednesday, June 4, 2014

PERES, a gadget instead of your nose

Electric nose is approaching.

PERES is a new device to evaluate the freshness of some kind of meats. It equips several sensors to measure some molecules such as ammonia departed from meat and assess whether this ingredient is safe to eat.


ARS LABS will launch PERES in July 2014. Unfortunately, it will be adaptable for only beef, pork, chicken, and fish, so it cannot evaluate any vegetables. Nonetheless, this gadget is a brand new solution.

ARS LABS will work as if being a human nose. It is revolutionary because there has been almost no items to digitalize smell. To be honest, PERES is far from real nose. It can distinguish only a few molecules making smells. This kind of technique is still under developing.

It is difficult to utilize smells for business. There are two main reasons. First, a molecule which is the cause of the smell is volatile. They easily expire. Therefore, the essence of a particular smell, so called perfume, is expensive. The other reason originates in our nature. Sense of smell is rapidly satiated. We cannot perceive specific smells for a long time. These characters are quite different from goods soliciting other senses, such as pictures or music CDs.

Smell is a primary sense. It is interesting that research and utilization about the smell is developing.

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