Monday, June 9, 2014

Love is powerful, but not skillful

Do you believe in love?

It is one of the ultimate questions in the world. Numerous persons have challenged this issue, but there is no definite answer.

In biological research, emotions such as love are explained as biochemical reactions. When we fall in love, our heart rate is raised by catecholamines. Mirror neurons in our brains recognize a face of our lover to trace it in our own face. Loving someone is somehow rational in terms of sustainability of our genes.

Of course, these statements are so called wet-blankets. There are no reasons to love you. It is because the lovers are. Many people believe it at least once.

Love is more powerful than anything else.

However, we have to understand that love is not invincible. I do not mean that love is easy to perish. Instead, there are lots of obstacles hardly to overcome with love. Tight unity of lovers does not ensure them to be happy. Blessed and joyful life, especially long lasting, requires several factors other than love. Making effort, ingenuity, and luck are necessary for sustained happiness.

Therefore, I say, love is powerful, but not skillful.

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