Sunday, June 29, 2014

Psychiatrist is the most valuable job?

Recently, a chart evaluating the degree of salary and satisfaction of each job was published.

Pay Scale: The Most and Least Meaningful Jobs

The vertical axis of this graph describes national median pay, and the horizontal axis shows the percentage of reported high meaning in a survey. Thus, the jobs plotted in the upper - right area is deemed to be highly preferred.

I was a little surprised to know that one of the best jobs was psychiatrists. Its salary reaches $200,000 and the rate of satisfaction is extremely high. In this graph, surgeons, followed by anesthesiologists, are ranked as the most meaningful jobs in the world.

To be honest, my salary has not matched this graph. By the way, of course I am proud of my own job. It is possible that some psychiatrists are highly self confident since they have learned about the importance of self efficacy.

Indeed, surgeons are more paid than psychiatrists also in Japan. The difference between physicians in satisfactory rate is small. Clergies and firefighters are also put on the seat of high meaningful jobs, however they are considerably less paid compared to physicians.

Interestingly, no jobs are identified as a well-paid but meaningless category, upper - left area. It is quite rational because we never pay money for meaningless work. Credit authorizes are relatively highly rewarded in spite of their low satisfaction. People working in the financial industry maybe have difficulty to feel themselves contributing to our society.

According to this chart, the worst job is cooks at a fast food shop. They are so called "Mc job", because McDonald's has made their job operation so simple that almost anyone can be engaged in it immediately. I never think that Mc job is valueless. However, we tend rarely to be motivated in the jobs opened to anybody.

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