Monday, June 16, 2014

Administrative skills: make change for businessperson

Almost all businesspersons, especially technicians face a cliff after they are promoted. When they are young the only thing to do is to obey the command of their boss. They have lots of time to improve their own skills. Continuous learning is necessary to raise their carrier. However, there is a turning point when they reach the 30s.

Administration is far different from operation. They often struggle for adjusting to their new seat. It requires change of their work style. Obsessive and sincere attempt for one task should be avoided. Instead, they have to have a wide ranged view.

This article explains some necessary skills for administrative engineers.

Tech Republic: 10 administrative skills every IT manager should have

1: Fighting the good fight for the budget
2: Acting quickly when problem situations emerge
3: Praising employees
4: Building teamwork
5: Demanding accountability
6: Being accountable yourself
7: Deflecting politics away from the team
8: Building good working relationships with upper management
9: Looking for burnout
10: Clearly defining projects, work, and goals

I completely agree with these ideas. However, it is quite difficult for a person to accomplish these entire requirements. Some of them look like a standard for a chairperson.

Overall, administrative person should let subordinates work with high efficacy, rather than achieve high performance on his own. One good manager can double the power of a team.

However, administrative skills are sometimes underestimated. Some persons suffer from maladjustment as a manager. Others tend to act on the individual too much. Matching the balance is important for effective organization.

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