Tuesday, June 10, 2014

France ban off time email

In France, a new deal about email was established between the union and employers.

Business Insider: French Union Recognizes 'Right To Disconnect' After 6 P.M.
Ars Technica: French unions order no work e-mail after hours, but only for managers

According to these articles, French employees were no more to check email after hours. This deal aims to protect employees from pressure to be involved in work in the off time. Emails sent to the workers at an off time would be rejected and an automatic reply would be returned. Similar efforts have already been performed in Germany.

Interestingly, this new regulation covers only managers, not underlings. In general, the higher the position of an employee is, the more wide his or her discretion is. Thus, this kind of regulation should adapt for unskilled labors who cannot control the amount of their tasks. Indeed, managers are busier at the off time than unskilled labors. Nonetheless, I am a little doubtful about this legislation.

Will this deal work effectively? To be honest, I do not think so.

Business industry has become boundless all over the world due to the internet and information technology. Nowadays, slow response might be fatal for an organization, especially in competitive sectors. I myself have some experience to be annoyed with delayed replies. On the contrary, a person with quick response can win the trust of the client. French companies are at risk to be behind because of longer recess.

On the other hand, definitive boundary between work and leisure is important to maintain your mental balance, at least if you are not an employer. It is no good to gaze at the PC monitor thorough the off hours. However, this balance is necessary to be modified in individual or in each section of the company. United regulation across the organization is not effective to achieve high productivity.


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