Thursday, January 16, 2014

What is the strongest supernatural power?

Recently, I watched a Japanese TV series, "SPEC". This is a story of SPEC holders, who have a supernatural power. SPEC holders are kept watched by the police. But some of them are united to defeat the government. The heroine, Saya Toma, is to wonder what to do as a police woman with SPEC.

Perhaps you know, this story resembles X-MEN very much.

Supernatural power is an archetype which is often utilized in a SciFi story. There are some undefined, but common rules.

(1) People with supernatural powers are the minority.
Therefore, they are in general discriminated.

(2) Although having extremely strong powers, the holders are not happy.
Some of them cannot control his own power. Some are given the power which is opposite of his true desire.

(3) A battle between the acceptance of the power and rejection against powers occurs.
The former believes that a supernatural power is a form of evolution of human being. The latter tries to regulate the power to remain the world as it is.

These conditions are metaphors of modern society, such as black people, sexual minorities, or innovative technology. These conflicts let the story be impressive.

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By the way, almost everyone would consider the question, "What is the strongest supernatural power?"

This is a key to create such kind of stories. The more stronger the villain is, the more exciting the story will be. The author is struggling to describe that the main characters look like strong.

In the X-MEN series, I will write about it in detail later, "telepathy" is the strongest. You can easily imagine that who can control human mind is invincible.

In "SPEC", a certain person has a power to stop the time. It is incredible! Also in some fantasy games, stopping the time is deemed to be the supreme magic.

Then, it can be a question how to defeat the holder of time stopping ability.

In SPEC, the villain was beaten through his weak point, because his exact power is a little different from time stopping.

In JoJo's bizarre adventure, a famous Japanese comic series, some heroes can stop the time. The battle of the holders of time stop power was extremely amazing.


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