Sunday, January 26, 2014

My first Chromebook and failure

I bought a laptop PC from a certain vendor. It is a Chromebook.

It is for the first time for me to get a Chromebook. I have been paying attention to Chromebook since its launch. However, Chromebooks are not popular in Japan. There are only a few models available in Japan. So I was waiting for the spread of Chromebook. But recently I noticed some machines were sold with very low cost in the US. So I decided to try it.

This is it: made by Acer, with 11.6 inch display, Intel Celeron 847 CPU, 4GB DDR3 memory, and 320GB HDD. The SSD equipped model was also available, but I was afraid that 16GB would be too small volume even if it was a Chromebook.

At last it reached me. It looked like not so much attractive, as it was too heavy as a mobile laptop. Nonetheless, I pushed the power switch with excitement.

Nothing occurred. Only the power lamp turned on and the HDD noise sounded.

I was confused and I investigated it in some manner. I suspected that the cable connecting the motherboard to the monitor was broken. Finally, I noticed that the display was extremely dark. It was obvious that the backlight was collapsed.

Since I could see the image in the display with my eyes fixed seriously, I completed the initial setup. This PC still alive.

Although I am disappointed, this is a probable result with low cost bargaining. I am doubtful if the vendor will take responsibility with its fault. Tomorrow, I will call a repairer. Maybe it will be reasonable, even if the fee for repair is added.


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