Thursday, January 30, 2014

Miffy curry plate

Today I got Miffy curry plate at Lawson.

Miffy is a famous rabbit, called Nijntje Pluis in foreign countries. It is made by Dick Bruna, a Dutch graphic designer. In Japan Miffy is an extremely popular character, especially for children.

Some companies often use Miffy for advertisement. Lawson, a franchise of convenience stores, is one of the sponsors.

Recently, Lawson began a campaign to gain a Miffy curry plate. Consumers are given one point for each 100 yen ($1) of buying a bread at Lawson. You can exchange a total of 40 points to a curry dish on which lovely Miffy is printed.

Happy Lawson: Miffy Curry Plate (in Japanese)

No extra money is needed to get the plate. So I started to gather the points. At last, I got Miffy.

It is quite cute. In addition, and it is more important for me, I like to eat curry very much as I mentioned in the past. This dish will be the best partner with curry!

The only disadvantage is that I am totally bored to eat the breads at Lawson. I will dare not to have a bread at Lawson for a while.

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  1. This means you are taking Lawson food too much!!! :-) It is not so healthy life, I assume.....