Friday, January 10, 2014

Clinical Performance Examination

Today, I participated in an examination for medical students as an evaluator.

This exam is called the Clinical Performance Examination (CPX). This is a newly scheme of exam to evaluate the skill as a clinician developed originally in the US. The examinee is asked to carry out a certain medical practice such as emergency treatment for a standardized patient (SP). Usually the examiner prepares some scenarios in advance which have not been disclosed to the examinees. The examinee is given minimal information about the patient and the situation at the beginning of the test. They have to act as a clinical practitioner to solve the problem the patient is suffering from in a limited time. Evaluator scores their performance based on the standard determined in advance.

UNC School of Medicine: The Clinical Skills and Patient Simulation Center

I have also been an evaluator of Objective Clinical Skills Examination (OCSE). OCSE is very similar to CPX. But in general, the examinees of CPX are the students who have some experience of clinical practice. Thus, CPX is utilized as an advanced version of OCSE.

I saw that most of the medical students achieved quite high performance at the CPX today. I guess I would have not been able to do the task as smart as them if I had been an examinee in my college age. I feel that the students are very sincere and reliable.

Nowadays, knowledge and technique required for a doctor is considerably increasing. To adapt to this trend, educational method for medical student also has to be updated. I believe our attempt will match to the medical education in the future.

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