Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Virginity for sale?

A poor Brazilian girl is focused. The girl decided to sell her own virginity to earn money for her mother suffering from heart disease. Soon after she upload the information about this auction to You Tube, lots of people began to pay attention. Some candidates betted with over than $30,000. At last, CNN news came to interview her.

CNN: Teen offers virginity for money

This episode has lots of consideration. It is easy to say that prostitution is evil. But if I were the girl I would be not sure what to do. Indeed, she has few options to save her mother.

Do you blame the persons who betted in the auction? It is also difficult problem. Prostitution itself is legal in Brazil. In most countries, there are many cases of similar deals. As a result, the buyer would help the girl's life.

Perhaps she can ask for donations. However, such an entreaty is extremely common. Most of them fails to gather enough money. In this case, the fact that she declared to sell her virginity became the center of public attention. Thus, she could get some donations.

Aside from the ethical issue, can virginity be a good deal?

Nowadays, almost everything is traded by money. Fantine in Les Miserable sold her hair. Some people lend his own body with painting for an advertisement. Michael Sandel warns these current tendencies in his work. In Japan, there are some DVDs for adults in which a virgin girl has the first experience.

I dare not mention it emotionally. But it is certain that, the tendency of such girls to earn money using their freshness will soon lead to defamation of its value. The principle of the market is that rare things are valuable. If anyone can buy virginity easily, the cost of virginity will decrease. Therefore, girls who are willing to sell her virginity do damage to virginity of other girls in the future. The first person who decides to sell takes all.

Actually, this girl referred to another student who were selling the virginity. This student seemed to struggle to accomplish the deal.

Mail Online: Brazilian student who auctioned her virginity for £485,000 hopes to sell it AGAIN after claiming the last buyer did not have sex with her

The decline of the value of virginity is about to be started. I do not recommend you to be involved in the deal at all.

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